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Custom Your LED Screen

Shenzhen G-TOP Opto Co., Ltd. can customize all kinds of outdoor full-color LED sreen, indoor full-color LED screen and LED display screen rental, LED engineering screen and city lighting products according to customer's requirements. Our LED display is widely used in public squares, commercial advertising, banks, securities halls, government agencies, universities, stadiums, stage background and other fields.

How to order your LED screen?

Customers can put forward needs and using environment to the G-TOP, and the company will help customers do project planning and system requirements analysis of LED screen application. Thus G-TOP's products not only can maximize the satisfaction of customers' needs, but also make customers' investment earn the greatest comprehensive economic benefits.

Why can we customize LED screen?

Technical Team
Shenzhen G-TOP Opto Co., Ltd. has a number of developers with more than 10 years of technical experience in LED screen technology, and based on using scene, the company will combine a wealth of experience and customers' needs analysis to provide customers with satisfactory solutions!

Production strength
Shenzhen G-TOP Opto Co., Ltd. has a plant of more than 4,000 square meters, and the production workshop and production line are strictly designed with a sound manufacturing system and testing equipment to ensure product performance and quality control.

Quality Assurance
Shenzhen G-TOP Opto Co., Ltd. is responsible for each piece produced, because our products have passed ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system, ISO14001 environmental management system and other international certification.

What kind of service can we provide?

1. To provide customers with technical support, including technical parameters, product performance, service life, and software platform.

2. To provide customers with solutions, including the size of the screen, specification confirmation, installation plan, power distribution confirmation, and communication programs, etc.

3. G-TOP provides training services to enable customers to skillfully use the LED screen system, and to handle some basic failures. Training is generally divided into two steps: The first step is the basic training in the production plant, focusing on the basic principles of the screen; the second step is in the installation site, focusing on the use and maintenance of the screen.

4. The service staff has rich experience of on-site solution. At the same time, G-TOP has a service expert group, and team members are backbone from the Research and Development Department, Technical Department, Production Department, Engineering Department. The service expert group works to optimize the solution and to solve the trouble.

Samples Show We Have Done
  • Reasonable design on the back of the product
  • Reasonable design on the back of the product
  • LED Multi-screen
  • Using Test of More Than 24 hours
  • Using Test of More Than 24 hours
  • Using Test of More Than 24 hours
  • Using Test of More Than 24 hours

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